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Words engineered to perfection. Custom Blog Management package that strikes a chord with your prospects.

Quality content that inspires action is what we serve our clients. Our blogging services are powered by extensive research, clever word play and deep empathy with the end users.

Every developed blog by copy wonk is designed to exceed your expectations, period!

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The Magic of Thinking LESS

“For many of us, thinking is a pure sign of progress that we expect to shape into a plethora of ideas. Our thoughts help us lay out our actions, decisions to be made, and goals to be met”

But are you impressed with the design of your thoughts?

We are all commanded by an array of control sensors that randomly guide us through the day to perform certain tasks.

When was the last time you let go off the control senses guiding you?

I know a lot many of us are captive to obligations that surround us. Some are obliged to respond to certain orders while some are obliged to deliver. And there are few who are obliged to produce.

We think before we oblige. We think more than what is needed.

So in all certainty, a large majority of human race is under the pressure to think and respond.

Why is thinking so necessary for survival? What motivates us to think?

Many of us feel that thinking can lead us to creative solutions. And we are often under the notion that when the human mind is nullified, our creative pursuits may come to a standstill.

The train of thoughts is therefore perennial.

So why think less?

This is probably one of the least asked questions that you’d hear of. Quite honestly, why would anyone ask such a question?

The zillion thoughts that surround a human mind fail to synchronize with the true self.

And the lack of synchronized thoughts creates a monotonous pattern with less focus.

The big question therefore is how to make the shift to a path with fewer thoughts?

The Magic way to think less and feel more

Collaborate to innovate

Collaboration invites lateral thinking. When you pair up with an equal, you can shed some thoughts and focus more. Exciting challenges and different ideas will pave way for innovation in the real sense.
Make navigation easy

Make navigation through the day, a less complex routine. Cut through the clutter by keeping the meetings short, finishing the tasks on time and taking strategic time outs at regular intervals.

Keep the tasks under countable categories and stick to it.
Review your work flow design

A regular review of work flow design helps you to prioritize important work and clear up time consuming activities. This will help you bring clarity in thoughts and reduces unwanted issues to handle.

Give the work flow management tools a try. If you haven’t already, now is the time.
Pass the torch (every once in a while)

Ask associates or employees at work to step into your shoes. This is a perfect exercise that can present varied perceptions and lays down a learning platform to understand effective solutions to several problems.
Bring ideas to shape in real time

Whether you are a business leader or an entry level employee working for a reputed firm, sharing ideas as and when they occur will offer direction in real time.

Cultivating ideas with the help of peers can lessen the thought burden to a large extent. The road map to idea to implementation can also be reduced in a big way.
Disconnect and celebrate

Stay away from everything that involves your thoughts. Turn away from the internet, throw away those gadgets and be at peace.

Celebrate your existence and enjoy the benefits of being the owner of a beautiful mind. Think less and make it a habit that you enjoy.

Share with me some of the most common issues that you face with excessive thinking. I will also be glad to hear your thoughts about this piece.

   Over a month ago

Quit being boring and lazy

The hard fact–the attention deficit levels among the internet junta has never been high. The worse part– competition among niches is also soaring sky high.

Club the above facts with your boring ‘brand’ appeal and try framing a thought bubble. Not a pleasant picture, right? Obviously.

Taking the less treaded path might not be as risky as you think. In fact, it is highly recommended.

Incorporating fun, thought provoking ideas into the brand copy and ditching the cliché isn’t going to harm you. Be bold. Be creative.

A ready to go test that you can try today is to amp up your call to action buttons or your e-mail messages. Make the message stand out and entertain your customers. The following exhibit will clearly demonstrate why adding authority, humor, scarcity, and benefits to a message can influence the customers in a great way.

The above messages are intended to generate the same action. But, what sets exhibit (2) miles apart from exhibit (2) is the appeal that it creates in the minds of the readers. It is no wonder why successful brands go on to become a monopoly in their respective areas of expertise.

The buyer is your AUTHORITY seller; make him/her do more for you

The times are changing and it is not easy peasy for brands to sell things online. what people look for today are reliable products that are backed by social proof.

Buyers can be the biggest influencers your brand can have. Using this hidden power to good measure can reap in mind blowing results.

Oh wait. Will my customer do that for me? Erm, No and Yes

You see, the human mind reacts instantaneously for things that it encounters. This is where the power of persuasion can speed up things for you.

Treat them with respect and they’d reciprocate. Give them the right reward for stepping up to help your brand.

we’ve all heard about the impact of ’celebrity endorsement’. well, Customer endorsement, in simply promotion on steroids!!

The power to transform a business lies in you. Make a choice today and try the above approaches to experience a better brand reach and happy cash registers.

Share with us your persuasion strategies or some of the best approaches that drew you into submission to sign up for a product/service.

   Over a month ago

Dietra Wake and Mass at St. Mary’s on Josephine Street

Built around the year 1860, the National historic landmark church St. Mary’s was one of the most astonishing structures that one could see on Josephine Street. Built to serve the sacred needs of the large German catholic population of the Irish channel neighborhood, the St. Mary’s Assumption Church was an architectural wonder with a German baroque block structure.

The cornerstone for the church’s construction was laid by Archbishop Antoine Blanc on April 25, 1858. Churches in the neighborhood always played a pivotal role in the history of New Orleans. The St. Mary’s church was one among the three famous churches that were frequented by the people.

Early history

The superior craftsmanship of talented European skilled labors lead to the creation of the Marvelous St. Mary’s church. With exquisite range of artistic display, the brick layering form on the church structure is a treat for those who appreciate German architecture. Wonderfully etched crosses, arches and niches on the walls were indeed a testimony to the brilliant work by the architect. The identity of the architect behind the creation of this famous church remains to be a mystery till date.

St. Mary’s Assumption Church marked the beginning of the work carried out by the Redemptorists Fathers in New Orleans.

Great display of art

The superior form of German Brick art is largely depicted within the interiors and the exterior portions of the church. With a height of 142 feet, St. Mary’s was indeed a monumental building that ever existed in the vicinity of New Orleans. Finely crafted altar and the stained glass windows which brought in a vintage charm to the church were specially imported from Munich.

Built in a traditional Ornate German style, the façade in the interior part of the church exhibited a brilliant display of corbelling and Molding in brick. The large hallways separated by ivory colored pillars added up to the visual brilliance of the church.

With the presence of a grand altar that depicted the assumption of Virgin Mary, the ambience of the church was magnanimous. The circular dome or the Pendentives were largely supported by the towering pillars beautifully designed and excellently crafted.

Religious Sanctity

The church is home for the holy shrine for Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos who was beatified by the Roman Catholic Church in the year 2000. St. Mary’s assumption was first Catholic Church to be built in Louisiana. A large number of German Catholics considered this holy abode as their Alma matter.

Famous author and Novelist Anne Rice exchanged her Wedding Vows at this very church and served as an active member of the church for a long time. The church is considered to be the best place for Wedding because of the religious sanctity associated with the place.

   Over a month ago